Frequently Asked
Boat Cleaning Questions

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About our Kelowna Boat Cleaning Services

How do you charge and what are your rates?

How we set our prices depends on what the customer wants done, the condition of the boat, and the length of the boat.  In addition, cost is dependant on whether the vessel has a command bridge, kitchen, head, or other amenities. That is why we avoid advertising “teaser” or “one size fits all” boat cleaning prices. It would be unfair to us and unfair to you especially if it will mean paying for services you don’t need or don't want.

We prefer to first inspect your boat, and give you with a written assessment of her condition, a description of the methods and procedures which should be undertaken and the prices.

What products do you use and are they all environmentally friendly?

Yes, Ahoy Boat Cleaners uses only the safest environmentally friendly products. All of our products are biodegradable and non-toxic and use no pollutants, heavy metals or toxic chemicals.

Products such as RYDLYME and Marine 31 products adhere to the strict standards to be approved environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of being on an ongoing boat maintenance program?

The benefits are many. You will receive our services on a discounted basis as opposed to having us perform them one time. It affords us the opportunity to learn and appreciate your boat’s unique requirements going forward, her nuances…her soul.

A relationship with us is really a both a partnership and a friendship. We like nothing better than an involved owner who asks questions and shares ideas from product selection to finding the most efficient and cost effective options.

What is a one-step, two-step and a three-step wax job?

A one-step wax process is where we use pure wax on a new boat (gel coat is still glossy) or cleaner wax on a very lightly oxidized boat. A two-step wax process would be used with light oxidation or where we machine compound first and then go over it again with wax.

A three-step process would be used on gel coat that is moderately to heavily oxidized and where you want to make sure the wax job lasts for a long time. In this case, we would go over the boat first with a heavier cutting rubbing compound to cut through the oxidation then with a polish to remove swirl marks and light scratches. This achieves as flawless a surface as possible for the final wax.

Can I get my boat cleaned without it being detailed?

Yes. Cleaning and detailing are two different services. Whether you just need your boat washed or cleaned on the inside or you want a customized detail, you can rely on us to do only what you need.

As I said earlier, there is no need for you to pay for services you don't need or want.

My boat has no gloss left. Can you make it look new again?

The most resourceful methods of bringing back shine and sheen, if not gloss, can be anywhere from aggressive wet sanding and lesser aggressive machine compounding to using a one step restorer wax or polish with grit.

However, if a pass of the hand along the gelcoat produces white chalk on the fingers or a rinse down results in cloudy or milky water then your gelcoat will require aggressive intervention. Continued waxing over oxidation merely seals in the oxidation while the gelcoat itself will continue to degrade.

The goal is to remove just the oxidized layer of gelcoat to achieve the most flawless substrate as possible so future wax applications will last longer and the most aesthetically pleasing appearance is achieved.

Professional grade work at reasonable rates

We have committed ourselves to guaranteed customer satisfaction. You don’t pay until you are totally satisfied with the service.

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